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Genetic Testing

We know that one size does not fit all. Precision medicine is a customized framework of personalized medical treatment that guides our patient care and tailors interventions based on your unique genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors.


Genetic testing provides a snapshot of a patient's DNA that can improve the safety and efficacy of a psychiatric treatment plan.

A pharmacogenetics analysis includes detailed information on which medications compliment a patient's neurochemistry, which treatment options may lead to adverse reactions or treatment failures, how the body processes or "metabolizes" certain medications, and if a predisposition to deficiencies may contribute to psychiatric symptomology.


Our providers offer pharmacogenetics testing via Genomind® Professional PGx Express™ and The GeneSight® Psychotropic Test to tailor psychiatric treatment decisions to a patient's unique genetic make-up.


By analyzing a patient's genetic variations, we can optimize their response to treatments and minimize the potential for adverse medication reactions.


Our team will assist in coordinating the delivery of a simple at-home cheek swab collection kit, which will provide the genetic material needed for analysis.


Results of genetic testing are typically ready for provider interpretation within a week of sample processing.


The pharmacogenetics assay report will be interpreted and reviewed with a patient during a 45-minute consultation with one of our prescribing providers.


These results will guide the development of a more individualized psychiatric treatment plan for new patients and help optimize current treatment plans for established patients.

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