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Registered Dietitian

Our practice, comprised of psychiatry and psychology providers, is seeking to add nutrition consulting/counseling as a component to our therapies/treatments - we all strive to treat the whole individual. We would like to offer people in the way of solid recommendations and psychoeducation about how what we put into our bodies impacts us with respect to emotions, concentration, energy, engagement, etc.  We work with a lot of teenagers with poor eating habits, little ones who are reluctant to try new foods, adults looking to improve their overall well-being, and families striving for healthier attitudes and information about food, so we would be connecting a registered dietitian to patients that need this adjunctive piece while providing them with the relevant background to help them know exactly how/where to plug in to support the overall goal of emotional health/wellness. We would also appreciate the opportunity to consult with someone on general, nutrition-based recommendations to add to our evaluations of people with various challenges, including AD/HD and mood disorders. The position would include some admin support in the way of scheduling intakes and fee collection, as well as support in maintaining the desired number of face-to-face hours, opportunities to provide outreach/education to the community, web presence via our website, social media exposure from our marketing director, and a great opportunity to grow with a practice that has an established referral base and solid reputation.


Contact Sarah Taylor at to apply.

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